Sunlife OB GYN patient services

Sunlife provides a host of services here online for your convenience. They include:

Please take advantage of these services as this is our way of extending our care and concern for you our patient.

Below, is a list of the services we provide.


Physicians available on call in hospital 24 hours a day
Provides care to high risk pregnant women
Basic infertility evaluation and treatment
Basic ultrasound testing and sex determination
Preconception Counseling


Menopausal medicine
Pelvic pain evaluation and treatment
Major and Minor surgeries including laparoscopy and laser procedures
Tubal ligation, essure, IUD placement and other family planning methods.
Nova sure
Female Urologic evaluation

Well Woman

Yearly physical exams
Breast exams
Pap smear & HPV testing
STD screening and treatment
HPV Vaccination (Gardisil)

Everything revolves around the patients at SunLife OB/GYN. You will find board certified physicians and CNMS supported by a quality team of skilled health care professionals committed to providing the best care. We are confident that the medical and support staff at Plantation Hospital provides the best technologically advanced and comprehensive care available in Broward County. Services offered by the hospital are:

Anesthesiologists 24 hours a day
Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Expert nursing staff for mom and baby
Available tours of labor and delivery
Patient education classes such as: childbirth preparation, infant care classes, and lactation consultants, supplies and equipment rentals.